What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Roof

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Roof Cleaning

There are many different ways to roof cleaning in the Isle of Wight and the best method of cleaning will alter depending on the type of mould and algae and the type of materials the roof is made of. Firstly, why should you get your roof cleaned?

Why Get Your Roof Cleaned?

If you glance around your neighbourhood, you’ll see that most houses have roofs covered with unsightly moss and algae. Not only does this look bad, but moss development on the roof can also cause damage to your roof over time.

Rainfall will wash off most dirt but the dark or green or sometimes red patches that can develop are caused by other elements: Moss, Fungus and Aglae. These elements are much thicker than dirt and can cause damage to the roof over time.

The stains and growth patches caused by moss, fungus and algae can damage the roof tiles and cause roof rot. That will result in a costly roof repair. It is cheaper to maintain and clean your roof regularly.

How Do You Clean A Roof?

The most popular methods for cleaning a roof are pressure washing or soft washing.

Pressure washing the roof is accomplished by either employing access equipment such as a MEWP (cherry picker) or rope access and roofing ladders to gain access to the roof.

Soft washing the roof avoids the need for a pressure washer to clean the roof. This can be done using telescopic roof scraping tools, or by obtaining access to the roof with a roofing ladder.  The bulk of the moss is carefully removed, then a moss and algae treatment is used to destroy any residual moss/algae, resulting in a cleaner roof over time.

What Chemicals Are Used In Soft Washing?

The most common roof cleaning solutions are sodium hypochlorite-based treatments that provide immediate results.
After the moss has been removed, sodium hypochlorite-based chemicals are generally sprayed on the roof and then rinsed off, as it is not advisable to keep this product on the roof.

A biocide treatment (DDAC) is another chemical that is sprayed to the tiles and then left on to act over time. Slower method of cleaning but has great results.

Cleaning your roof does not damage the tiles. The good old British weather will take the first layer of coating off easier enough. Cleaning your roof with sodium hypochlorite or biocide will not cause any damage.

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How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

The average cost of roof moss removal and soft washing a roof was found to be between £5 and £15 per square metre. Every job is different and any professional roof cleaning company will provide a full inspection and quotation before any work is started.

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