Why We Clean Windows With The Water Fed Pole System

What is The Water Fed Pole System?

We have been using this method of window cleaning in the Isle of Wight for many years. The water fed pole is a method of cleaning in which ultra-purified and deionised water is pumped from a tank, through a hose, up a lightweight pole and out of a brush attached to the pole.

The window cleaner will scrub and wash the glass including the frames with the brush until all dirt and dust are loosened and washed away. Depending on the amount of grime on the windows, this may be repeated several times until all is gone. Once this is completed a final slow rinse of the glass ensures that nothing but pure, clean water is left behind.

Because the water is so pure, it dries completely clear and streak free.Wightwashed Isle of Wight Cleaning Services

How Does The Purification Process Work?

Ordinary water contains a high content of dissolved minerals. This is what gives different brands of bottled water their distinctive tastes. If bottled or tap water was to be left to dry naturally it would leave behind hard water stains. How water for window cleaning is purified depends on how hard the water is to begin with. In urban cities or areas with high mineral content such as seaside towns, the water is passed through a four-stage filtration process.

The first three filters remove foreign particles such as carbon, salt, and larger impurities. One by one, the filters decrease in size to refine the purity until 98% of all minerals are removed. This process is known as reverse osmosis. The water is then passed through a final filtration stage called deionisation.

It is pumped into a chamber of resin that absorbs any final molecules and polishes the water to full purity. This resin is changed regularly to ensure maximum results. In more rural areas where spring water is naturally very pure, or much rainwater can be harvested the water can be put straight through to the deionisation stage. All this process is completed before the window cleaner even arrives on site. There are also pure water stations that you can fill up. For example, Spotless Water.

Why is Water Fed Pole Popular Now?

Over the last decade, the popularity of water fed pole cleaning has increased dramatically. This is due to the speed and efficiency that windows can be cleaned with a water fed pole.

The only real downside is the cost of investment and running. However, this can be offset with the speed and efficiency that windows can be cleaned. This extra income can then be reinvested and help develop the business. It has helped to raise the status of window cleaning to a professional luxury service.

Why is Traditional Window Cleaning Still an Important Skill?

It is, however, still very important to maintain traditional window cleaning skills. For a pole system to work well it must dry clean with no drips or runs from the frames.

So, on windows with very flaky wooden frames, frames that leak their uPVC coating or seals that have blown and leave rubber residue would be best cleaned with traditional methods.

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What Are The benefits of Water Fed Pole?

Without a doubt, the main benefit of water fed pole window cleaning is safety. Reducing the amount of time on a ladder to an absolute minimum allows the cleaner to keep the risk level as low as possible.

Considering any awkward angles, unstable footing, high winds, and many other unforeseen occurrences, sooner or later a fall will likely happen. By being able to use a very long pole, most work can be done from the safety of the ground.

Another benefit is how thoroughly the glass, frames and sill can be cleaned. With most modern window frames being made of uPVC, there are many grooves and corners for dirt to hide in. A quick wipe with a cloth will never be able to match up with how well a scrubbing brush and freshly pumped water can clean.

One thing that has always caused trouble for traditional cleaning methods is difficult to access windows. With an extendable pole, rarely, a window cannot be reached. Whether it be above a conservatory, on the ground where a ladder can’t be put or on windows that are too high to be reached a water fed pole will be able to safely get the job done.

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